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Change to Exist

by Tritha

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I feel disturbed I wonder what it is Insomniatic nights Tiring days Unstopapable tears On my soft pillow Trembling trust Commitment feels shallow Did what made me feel good To exist normally Then and now Now and after. Wisdom tells me Expectations leads to frustrations Leading to hopes shattering But what is life If there is no hope No smiles I can feel the winds of change I can hear the songs of pain But I cant breathe at times Jailed within my own emotions Feel like a holiday Or going far away Maybe starting anew With no societal judgements or emotional orders Coz now there is a doubt Of existence Confusion in mind Of love and desire Mind Heart BodySoul Life Running in tangents Music Magic Passion Profession Life Lacking discipline Soaking the warmth Of presence Yearning stability A big fat illusion Yearning motherhood A biological disorder? Bohemian spirit Shackles of conditioning Constant struggle Of traditions and individual Selective memories Past is tough Romance? Horror? Union? Loneliness? Best friends? Strangers? Final verdict Change is constant For People For Situations Trembling trust Obvious conclusion Cardomom cloves Cinnamon dust Mustard hands Smiles galore Orgasm of taste Aroma of life Spice of soul Body of lyrics Heart beats Food for mind?? Strange life Stranger species Differences constant Occurrence of a phenomenon Through veins and pains I feel disturbed I wonder what it is Reality of life Change to exist
Music, Vocals & Lyrics by Tritha Produced Live on Looper Machine Roland RC-505
I am a woman 08:22
I am a woman... It takes me time to love a man... but when i do, i give my whole heart I have some needs when i dont get them, i cry first i complain, then i fight then i wanna die but dont freak out, its not that i dont love you, just want u to understand make an effort. remember we had such lovely times, they were pure why cant they happen again? but if u turn away u dont try, and after a while u cry i will try and i wont cry but if i do while i smile at u, remember i still love you!
When i sit quiet and look out the window Close my eyes for a while and watch an imaginary shadow I wonder what it could be A void in my life Is it the shadow of my soul Is it the shadow of my pain It burns a hole in my heart Is it the hole of my soul I keep sitting and thinking Thinking about my life What is has been and what it could be But all i get is confusion A void in my life… But i don't complain I smile and get up As i have things to do And people to talk to And i know that if I have anyone to look behind to Its going to be that imaginary shadow
L'amour 07:09
L'amour Cest une histoire L'amour C'est un savoir L'amour C'est un reservoir L'amour La Mort Life Love Love Life Live Love Love Grace Life Love Love Death Life Love Love Liberation
Music, Vocals & Lyrics by Tritha Produced Live on Looper Machine Roland RC-505


A new journey of Tritha in her Solo avatar discovering Raaga loops once again blending traditions and modernity. We hear Tritha singing in English for the 1st time in this album expressing her contemporary feelings through lyrics on the current changing times and to understand this certainty - How to change to exist! The sound is a digital to acoustic journey of Tritha on beats and loops. Using analog drum machines, voice effects and looper.


released May 18, 2020

Songs 1 to 5 are sung, recorded, composed by Tritha on the VE-20 Roland Live Looper. All improvised and produced LIVE.
Song 6 Save the City produced on Garageband
Song 7 Om Namay Shivay, a collab with TIm Alazraki
Song 8 - Rise up, Daughters of the Earth - Collab with producer ZenZanan

Artwork by Ivan Lucas


all rights reserved



Tritha New Delhi, India

A versatile voice, agile & profound with a plummy richness of sound. Tritha’s throbbing intensity, moving emotional commitment entrance her audience leaving them spell bound. Born in Kolkata, Tritha trained in North Indian classical music since age of five. An ardent supporter of women’s rights with lyrics dealing with women’s liberation, social oppression & sexual exploitation” (Hindustan Times) ... more

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