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by Tritha

Ganapati 04:38
Vakratunda Mahakaya (O Lord Ganesha, of Curved Trunk, Large Body,) Suryakoti samaprabha (with the Brilliance of a Million Suns, ) Nirvignam kurume deva (Please Make All my Works and the good actions and intentions) Sarvakareshu siddhaya (Free of Obstacles, Always.) Ganapati ganapati ganapati ganapati Gaaiye ganapati Gaaiye ganapati (Sing the praises of the Lord Ganapati)
Saajan 04:26
Saajan more ghar aao (My lover, come home) More man sukh pao (The moment you come, i feel peace) Saajan more ghar aao (My lover, come home) Mangala gao chowk purao (Lets sing for the goodness of all) Prem piya hum pao (Give me love, my lover)
Duur 02:55
Dur dipo bashini (O foreginer living on a faraway island) chini tomare chini (I recognize you) Daru chiniro deshe (I recognise your country of cinnamon) Tumi bideshini go (You foreign beautiful lady) Shumonto bhashini (Such a charming talker) Proshanto shagore toofane odhare (Over the storms of the vast Pacific ocean) shunechi tomari oshanto raagini (I hear your restlessness and tortures) Duur durr duur..... (Far far far....)
PaGLi 03:29
Oi dekho ekta idur (Look, there is a rat) idurer pechone ekta beral (Behind the rat, there is a cat) beraler pechone ekta kukur (Behind the cat, there is a dog) Kukurer pechone ekta pagli (Behind the dog, there is a crazy woman) Pagli ta ke? (who is that madwoman?) Sheta aami... (That's me...) Pagli aami Pagli ( I am a crazy woman) Jokun tokhun boli (I speak whenever i feel ) aamar nei kono bhoy (I have no fear) Aashar srabone (in the season of spring and rain) aami jayi ulto paye (I walk with my feet reversed) Aaami hoye gelam ma ( I have become a mother) meye na hoye karur (without ever being a daughter) Shorir norom aamar (My body is soft with use) Hridoy ta patla (My heart is very thin) Oi dekho ekta paakhi (Look! There is a bird ) Paakhi ta ulto dike urche (That bird is flying in the opposite direction) Ki moja Ki moja (What fun!! So much !!) Aamar moner moddhe kichu nei akhuno (There is nothing still inside my heart) Amar ei deshe kichu nei akhuno (There is nothing still inside my country) Aamar akhuno kono jama nei shorire (I have no clothes on my body) Moner moddhe nei kono aamar... (In my heart, I have no elements of... ) ...Chao Paoa (Desiring, Receiving) Deoa Neoa (Giving, Taking) Na neoa ta aache kintu (No, actually I love to take....) Pagli aami pagli.... (I am crazy woman) Pagli aami pagli ... (I am a mad woman)
Baci Baci 03:00
Aami bhalo chai Aami bhalo khai (I want good, I eat good) Aami bhalo meye tai (Because I am a good girl) Aami bhalobashi Aami bhalo thaki (I love well, I live well) Aami bhalo gaan gayi (I sing very very well) Aami balishe moja pore shuyi (I sleep on my pillows wearing my socks) Kono kotha shunina (I dont listen to anyone) Tahole kikore bhalo meye theke baje meye hoy jayi (Does that make a bag girl from good?) Aamra ekkhuni shuru korechi ekta shundor gaan (We have just started listening to a beautiful song right now) Aamra jokhuni gaan korno tomra boshe shunbe (Whenever we will play music, you will be forced to sit and listen spellbound) Baci baci bayi, baci baci bayi (Kiss Kiss sway, Kiss kiss sway) Aami bhalo meye shobai bole tayi (I am a good girl, everyone says that) Kichi na jene (They hardly know me) Majhe majhe aami pagli hoy jayi (Sometimes I become a mad girl) Tomra bhoy paccho (I see you are getting scared ?!!) Haashi haashi mukh kanna kanna chokh (Smiling faces, crying eyes) Aami drama queen (I become quite a drama queen) Bas baaje meye hoye gelam delho (Look I a became a bad girl just now) Pagli buri googly (I am crazy and shifting all the time) Shobar mukhe te haashi aanbo sheta aami chaibo (But i want to bring a smile to everyones face. Thats my desire) Aamar bhalo lage e shob bolte gaan geye berabo (I like saying all this and singing and travelling all the time) Baci baci bayi baci baci bayi (Kiss kiss sway, Kiss kiss sway) Shobar mukhe te haashi aanbo sheta aami chaibo (But i want to bring a smile to everyones face. Thats my desire) Dekho kikore bhalo meye hoye gelam pagli buri (I wonder how a good girl becomes such a mad girl sometimes) Baci baci bayi baci baci bayi (Kiss kiss sway, Kiss kiss sway)
Rui katla maach aami bodi bhalo khayi khayi (I love eating those bengali fish - rui and katla ) Bhetki paturi chingri malaikari chai chai (I want the mustard bekti fish wrapped in banana leaf and prawn coconut curry) Alu begun potol diye banai aami pabdar jhol (Potato, eggplant and courgette i mix with a pabda fish curry) Jhuri alu bhajar shaathe macher matha doi ombol (Fries along with fishhead in a yoghurt curry) Bhabcho tumi aamay dekhe ki bolche pagli meye ta (You are probably wondering looking at me who is this crazy girl) Janona to hoye geche maacher baajar ei desh ta (But you have no idea meanwhile what a fish marking, this country is becoming...) Macher Bajaar (Fish Market) Macher Bajaar hoye geche desh ta (The country has become a fish market) Macher Bajaar hoye geche parliament ta (The parliament has become a fish market) Maacher bajaar hoye geche desh ta Macher Bajaar , Its a fish market Ekta forashi bhodrolok bole chilo aamay (One frenchman once had told me ) Maach bodo khay khay bangalira kolkatay (Bengalis love eating fish a bit too much) Maach kheye kheye shobar mundu hoye jaye maacher matha (Eating that much fish is turning their heads into fish heads) Keu hoy talapiyar maatha (Some begin to look like the fish head of Talapiya) Keu hoy shorshe ilish (And some look like the mustard hilsa) Ilish ilish ilish Ilish (Hilsa, Hilsa, Hilsa Hilsa) Ilish Ilish bodo bhalo laage khete e jinish (I love eating the fish Hilsa) Jinish jinsh jinish jinish (Things, Things, Things, Things) jinish jinish shobar onek jinish chai (Everybody only wants to consume things) Shobar onek jinish chai chai chai (Everyone loves to consume, consume) Macher bajaar.... (Its beoming a fish market everywhere..) Says Tagore... Phule Phule dole dole bohe kiba mridu baye (The flowers! The flowers! They slumber, they sway in the flow of the slow, gentle breeze.) Ki kori ba kunje kunje (The river, she raises gentle ripples, flowing towards the sea.) Kuhu kuhu kuhu gaye... (In every garden, the Cuckoo cries Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! And yet I do not know why my very soul weeps,) Shob netara bodo buro hoye geche macher matha (All the heads of the politicians old and big, are turning into bad fish heads) Maar peeth aar chachani te bhore jaye rajyo lok sabha (Fights and yellings fill up the walls of the the rajya and lok sabha) Macher bajaar... (its a fish market!)
Paalum polasiya (Bridge story) Chinna chinna kaigal (Little little hands) Yaad aati lamhe ek sang guzaare (Remembering nostalgic moments spent together) Jaaungi mein kaise apne ghar (How will I go back to my own house now which feels foreign) Tu kab aaye (When did u come?) Tu kab aaye (When did you came?) Hayo rabba tere pyaar me (O my beautiful God, in your Love) Ye dil huyi khaali rabba (My heart has now become empty) Kab aaye (When you came) Tu kab aaye (When did you come?) Paalum Polasiya Bridge story) Polasi... (A story unfinished or finished ??)


It all started with the song "PaGLi" which eventually laid the seeds of the album with the same name which means a crazy woman.
This is the story of Indian woman's metamorphosis from traditions to breaking rules to find her freedom.
This is the story of an Indian classical voice finding solace in craziness and sometimes rather punk moods.

A compilation of songs with different artists from India and Paris, this album truly represents Indian world music from the eyes and voice of a strong Indian girl turning into a woman with radical views and feeling socially responsible.
The song "PaGLi" which Tritha wrote in Paris eventually had friends in India, pushing her to use her filmaking skills and make a video out of the song which got her immense popularity on youtube as an original artist in the capital of India, New Delhi.

Tritha soon formed her original band in India, supported by Paul Schneiter, a french musician living in Delhi and drummer of the band and eventually who partnered with her for the process of her debut album.

Lyrics and translations included of each song with their stories, contributors credits and histories of each creation...

This is the story of the PaGLi... !!

First release on Sony Music India in 2014
Re-release in 2021 independently


released December 19, 2021


all rights reserved



Tritha New Delhi, India

A versatile voice, agile & profound with a plummy richness of sound. Tritha’s throbbing intensity, moving emotional commitment entrance her audience leaving them spell bound. Born in Kolkata, Tritha trained in North Indian classical music since age of five. An ardent supporter of women’s rights with lyrics dealing with women’s liberation, social oppression & sexual exploitation” (Hindustan Times) ... more

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